House Rules

Dear guests, in order to make your stay in this serviced suite a pleasant experience, please follow the rules during your stay with us.

We kindly ask you to take the following information into account:

1. Easily flammable and explosive substances and materials, as well as objects with unpleasant odor, are not allowed in the premise.

2. Pursuant to the provision of the act limiting the use of tobacco products in public and enclosed spaces, smoking is not allowed in this premise. Any penalty will incur should evidences of smoking is found.

3. Please make sure the door is lock when you leave the suite.

4. In case of door card loss, Please inform the security at the ground floor of the incident.

5. Please make sure you do not forget anything at check-out. We do not responsible for loss items in the premise. Please do not leave any valuable or important this in the suite.

6. Please vacate the room prior to 12PM on the check-out date. Staying in the room after 12PM causes additional charge for stay. Subjects to availability.

7. Please take care of the inventories and other equipment. All damages occurring during your stay shall be charged your account.

8. Please to make sure you do not leave the water running in the bathroom when you leave the suites.

9. House inventories are intended for you to use while staying with us and are not to be taken away. Should you wish to have them as your souvenirs, please contact reception.

10. No Durian or Mangosteen is allow in the house.

11. Steamboat in the house is only permitted with the consent from the management. The management reserve the right to charge or cancel the stay without refund.

12. Gambling, Weapons, Explosives, Flammable objects, Poisons, Drugs, Animals and any other illegal activities are strictly prohibited.

13. No excessive partying or loud music that cause nuisense to the guests staying nearby. In any case if complain and police is call, your deposit for the stay will be forfeited.

14. No pets is allow in this building.

15. All parkings are at the lot with Mansion One Suites Reserve Parking Sign, in any case the guest's car got clamp due to wrong parking, we will not be responsible for the fines.

Thank you for your cooperation.

If you have any questions regarding the damaged items price list, please refer here Damaged items Price List

Mansion One Suites Team.